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Ivory Tole Lamp with Navy Floral Design and Yellow Printed Lampshade

SKU: 225LI
Sale price$1,050.00

This lamp base, crafted from ivory tole, boasts a classic and timeless design. Tole refers to metalwork that is painted, enameled, or lacquered, often seen in decorative arts. In this case, the ivory finish provides a neutral backdrop for the intricate navy floral design, which adds a pop of color and visual interest to the lamp. Complementing the elegant base is the lampshade, crafted from luxurious yellow fermoie fabric. Fermoie is a type of silk fabric known for its lustrous appearance and smooth texture. The vibrant yellow hue of the lampshade adds warmth and brightness to the overall composition, creating a beautiful contrast against the navy floral motif.

9" D x 26" H