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The team of The Paradise Antiques posing in their Middleburg store, filled with unique antique items and vibrant fabrics.

Our Story

Ariane's journey into the world of interior design is deeply rooted in her vibrant Argentine heritage, where color, fabric, and aesthetics have always played a pivotal role. Her passion was ignited by her grandmother, an elegant English woman known for her exquisite taste, and further nurtured by her mother, an accomplished interior designer who cherished elegant and comfortable living. Ariane honed her craft in the family's boutique, contributing a decade of creativity to numerous homes across Buenos Aires alongside her mother and sisters.

The next chapter of Ariane's life began with a move to the USA, prompted by her husband's career. Embracing this new adventure, Ariane balanced her role as a mother to three wonderful children with her professional aspirations. In the picturesque town of Middleburg, VA, she has rekindled her interior design career, establishing a studio that mirrors her unique blend of cultures and experiences.

The Paradise Antiques is a testament to Ariane's diverse background, seamlessly blending global aesthetics to create spaces that resonate with beauty and harmony. Her studio is not just a business but a celebration of the rich tapestry of cultures that have shaped her vision and craft.